How to Make Money with AI Art: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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With the rise of artificial intelligence, AI art has opened up a new way to create stunning digital artwork and monetize it.

In this guide, not only will we discuss the basics of AI artwork creation, but we will also share various ways in which you can use AI art to make money from AI art generators and your creativity skills.

If you, like me, are crazy obsessed with AI art and its potential, then you have come to the right place.

Let’s get started!

How to Make Money with AI Art: Ultimate Guide (2023)

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What is AI Art?

AI (artificial intelligence) art is an AI-generated artwork, which is created using AI algorithms. AI-generated art uses computational methods to generate new works of art, or even entire genres, that are unique and groundbreaking. AI can interpret data and patterns in ways that humans cannot, allowing it to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind visualizations.

The history of AI-generated art dates back to the 1960s, when pioneers such as Harold Cohen developed AI-based programs to create artworks. In the 2000s, new AI art algorithms were developed, allowing for more complex visuals and a wider range of styles.

AI art has become increasingly popular due to its ability to generate a wide range of works that are aesthetically pleasing, but also because it challenges traditional ideas about the nature and purpose of art. This can be seen in the Colorado State Fair’s annual art competition, where Jason M. Allen’s entry “Théâtre D’opéra Spatial” won the blue ribbon for emerging digital artists.

Jason Allen's art
Théâtre D’opéra Spatial by Jason Allen

But not everyone is a fan of AI art. Some traditionalists argue that AI art lacks the soul and creativity of human-created artwork, while others feel it is “cheating”. The debate over whether AI art can or should be accepted as “true” art will likely continue for some time. But regardless of whether you believe AI art is a legitimate form of creative expression, it’s clear that this new technology has the potential to revolutionize how we create, display and appreciate artwork in the future.

How Does AI Art Work?

How AI Art works may seem confusing at first, but it’s actually a relatively simple process. Simply put, AI image generators can create original, realistic images from text input in a natural language. By analysing the internet’s worth of images and their written descriptions, AI image generators learn what objects are and how they relate to each other.

Scoring the image for accuracy is complete, the data is sent back to the original AI system. That system then learns from the feedback and sends back an altered image for further scoring until the AI-generated image matches the control/template image. In this way, AI art continues to evolve and improve over time.

an artificial intelligence robot walks towards the reader on the surface of a purple planet
Images generated by cosmopolitan

For example, Cosmopolitan published the world’s first AI generated magazine cover using DALLE-2. It featured a female astronaut confidently striding toward the camera on the surface of another planet. This cover, which took just minutes to create, was created from only a few words describing the image that Cosmopolitan wanted. With AI image generators such as DALLE-2, it can be created in a matter of minutes.

What Are Some of AI Art Generation Tools?

To make the process simpler, this artilce provides an overview of some of the most popular AI art generation tools available today.


MidJourney Showcase Page

MidJourney is a revolutionary AI image generator that launched its public beta in June 2022. This game-changing technology utilizes text-to-image models to construct stunning visuals with exceptional accuracy and detail.

The key features of Midjourney as opposed to the other AI imaging models, are the fact that it has prominence in aesthetically pleasing art. This is because the platform has been designed to be able to generate a variety of different types of images, from abstract art to realistic art.

The fact that it is based on Discord means that it is able to provide a more engaging user experience. Plus, the fact that it has Discord commands makes creating art super easy.

Midjourney’s pricing model is based on the GPU time used and not per image. Every new user will get a free trial that allows for ~25 minutes of GPU time. 25 minutes can generate around 20 – 40 images and it takes roughly 1 GPU minute to generate 1 image.


Dall e 2 Home Page

DALL-E 2 is the latest deep learning model developed by OpenAI to generate digital images from natural language descriptions, called “prompts”. DALL-E 2 uses a version of GPT-3 modified to generate images that are more realistic and higher in resolution.

According to OpenAI, you can use DALL-E 2 to generate illustrations, design products, and even come up with new business ideas. The main advantage of DALL-E 2 is that it is easy to use and fast. You can quickly create professional-looking designs from scratch or make small changes to existing images.

The paintbrush feature in DALL-E 2 allows you to highlight a portion of an image and then give it a text prompt to make changes. This way, you can easily create images that contain multiple objects or effects without needing any technical expertise or artistic knowledge.

Here is an image generated by DALL-E 2:

Dall e 2 Home Page

Overall, DALL-E 2 is a powerful AI image generator that makes it easier for anyone to create digital art and illustrations quickly and efficiently. It is perfect for a variety of applications such as product design, video creation, or even generating new business ideas. You can join the waitlist now to be one of the first to use this powerful tool.

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion Home Page

Stable Diffusion is a powerful text-to-image latent diffusion model that enables the generation of realistic images based on textual data. The model uses a single source text to generate multiple high-resolution, visually convincing images – making it ideal for applications such as virtual avatar creation and content curation.

The underlying technology behind Stable Diffusion is based on generative adversarial networks (GANs) and variational autoencoders (VAEs). This allows the model to learn a latent space representation of the given text, which is then used to create an image. The result is a high-quality image that accurately reflects the source text.

Stable Diffusion Home Page

The model was trained on 512×512 images from LAION-5B. This is the largest publicly available multi-modal dataset, containing over 2 million images and 5 billion text segments in total. The training process was made possible through the integration of CompVis’s generative models including Variational Autoencoder (VAE) and Generative Adversarial Network (GAN).

This tool is entirely free to use and can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. It is easy to use and provides impressive results, making it a great choice for AI art enthusiasts and professionals alike. With the help of Stable Diffusion, anyone can quickly generate high-quality artwork from text inputs in no time!


Starryai Home Page

StarryAI is an AI art generator that focuses on making AI Art easily accessible while also maintaining its quality. StarryAI is powered by GPT-3, the latest version of OpenAi’s famous machine learning model that has been used to create powerful applications like Google Translate & automated customer support chatbots.

Starryai features a wide selection of styles and tools for users to choose from. It lets users customize the look and feel of their art with the help of color palettes, fonts, frames and more. Once the desired artwork is created, it can be shared directly on various social media platforms or printed onto canvas prints and wallpapers.

To make art more exciting, StarryAI also offers an interactive gallery where users can submit their creations for others to view, comment and share.

Starryai Argo Page

In conclusion, AI art generation has become increasingly popular lately as it offers creative individuals the opportunity to produce unique works of art without having to learn complicated techniques or software. StarryAI is an AI art generator app that makes this process extremely convenient while still offering high-quality results. With its wide range of options and intuitive design, it is definitely worth trying out for anyone interested in creating AI art.


Nightcafe Home Page

NightCafe is one of the most interesting AI art tools out there. It’s user-friendly, but powerful enough to create stunning works of art that can be shared online or printed on physical mediums like canvas. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to learn how to use the app and start creating your own artwork!

NightCafe also provides some cool features such as filters and textures to help you make the most of your AI-created art. You can also play with the parameters and customize the image to get unique results.

Nightcafe Create Page

NightCafe is an incredibly powerful tool for creating stunning artwork, and it’s growing in popularity among app developers and digital artists alike. If you’re curious about what you can create with NightCafe, check out their gallery where you can see some of the beautiful artworks made with this AI tool.


Fotor Home Page

Fotor is an AI image generator that great for creating NFT art. You can use it to create realistic face images, 3D and anime characters, paintings, and digital art.

Fotor’s AI arts are revolutionizing the art world by introducing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). With a few clicks, you can create your own unique masterpiece and export it as an NFT to start selling in various online marketplaces.

It offers 10 free image generations per day and two conversion models: Text-to-Image and Image-to-Image. It also offers a fast image generation mode and the ability to produce great images from text. Additionally, there are 9 different conversion styles to choose from, making it a valuable tool for both beginners and advanced users.

Fotor NFT Creator Page

You can try Fotor GoArt for free. There are three paid plans you can subscribe to: Basic ($0/month), Pro ($8.99/month) and Pro+ ($19.99/month).

Overall, Fotor is an amazing AI image generator that can help you create high-quality images quickly and easily. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to create digital art or NFTs. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, Fotor has something to offer everyone.

Jasper art

Jasper Art Home Page

Jasper Art is another tool created to help you create and explore digital art. With the latest advancements in AI image-generating technology, Jasper Art is able to produce unique artwork based on your input. All you need to do is enter some text into the program, and it will generate an array of images for you to choose from.

These images can range from photo-realistic images to cartoon-style art, so you can explore different types of artwork. With this AI image generator, the results are highly unpredictable, so it’s important to craft your prompts in a clever way to get something reasonable.

If you’re blogger or writer, you can use Jasper Art to generate images for your blog posts, social media posts, and other multimedia content. And use Jasper AI, which is a popular writing tool, to generate content to go along with it. Not only does this save you time but you can also be sure that the images you produce are unique and high quality.

Jasper Art Home Page

Jasper Art costs $20/user/month for unlimited image generations which are royalty-free. With Jasper AI in a “Jasper Art & Write” plan for AI copywriting and image generation all-in-one.

All in all, Jasper Art is a great tool for creating unique artwork, and it’s worth the investment if you are looking to expand your creativity or need help with multimedia content. Plus, when paired with Jasper AI, you can produce stunning material in no time at all!

How to Use AI Image Generator?

We use Midjourney to create AI Art as an example because it provides an easy and intuitive way of generating creative images with just a simple command and text prompt.

Its versatile features, such as the free trial version, make it possible to explore the power of AI art without any prior knowledge or specialized skills.

Furthermore, its Discord bot allows users to quickly and conveniently access this powerful tool in a flexible manner right from their device.

Step 1: Before you start your journey with Midjourney, make sure to create a free Discord login.

Discord is a free-to-use chat platform with millions of users that can be accessed via web login, mobile app download, or desktop application. Personally I found the desktop app to be the most efficient way to access Discord and have an enjoyable experience.

Step 2: To move forward, visit the Midjourney website and select “Join the beta.” Upon doing this, you will be instantly taken to a Discord invite.

Midjourney Home Page

Step 3: Click on the invitation from Midjourney to join their Discord. Make sure you click “Continue” so that you can enter the platform!

Midjourney Accept Invite

Step 4: Once the Discord app opens, locate and select Midjourney from the left menu using its icon in the shape of a ship.

Step 5: Look for the Newcomer chat rooms in your Midjourney channels. These will usually have names like “newbies-111,” so you can just choose any of them to start.

Newcomer Rooms in Midjourney

Step 6: Before you begin creating AI art using Midjourney, it is important to note that you only have a limited number of prompt options available in the free trial. With the free membership, you can generate approximately 25 images before needing to purchase a full membership if you wish to continue.

To get the most out of your trial period, be sure to take some time prior to creating AI art and think about what you want to create. Additionally, typing in “/help” will give you a list of helpful tips on how to make the most out of your Midjourney experience.

Step 7: To create an image prompt in your newbie’s room, type “/imagine” in the Discord chat. Be as detailed and specific as possible when describing the image you’d like; this will help the AI generate better results.

Be sure to follow the terms of conduct when writing your prompt. When finished, select Enter to send your prompt. After that, all you need to do is wait – the AI will generate an image based on your prompt and post it in your newbie’s room!

Midjourney Image Options

Step 8: Once you’re finished creating your prompt, click the “Create Prompt” button at the bottom of the page. You will then be taken to a new page where you can view the generated images. Here, you will see four generated images along with a refresh button and U/V buttons to indicate whether you’d like to use the Upscale or Variations options for any of the images y you created.

Step 9: If you find an image that you like and choose U to upscale it, you will be given a new set of options. You can choose to Make variations on that image, Upscale to max before you download, or choose a Light upscale redo if it’s not quite what you wanted, among other options.

To save an image to your local computer, click on it and select the “Open” option. Then right-click the larger version of the picture, and choose “Save Image.” It will be saved to your laptop in no time! You can also ask the Midjourney Bot to send you a Discord direct message containing your final results by selecting the Envelope emoji and adding it to your chat.

Midjourney Single Image Options

Step 10: Finally, if you plan on using Midjourney a lot, you can use any bot channel in the Midjourney Discord and type “/subscribe”. This will create a link that you can follow to pay for a subscription. For those who are invested in making the most of Midjourney’s potential, consulting the manual is essential to unlock a wider variety of commands and gain insight into how best to create stunning visuals.

If you are considering delving deeper into Midjourney, then try out the Midjourney Mastery Course.

Tips for Successful Text-to-Image Prompts

Here are a few tips for creating prompts that will give you the best chance of generating great images:

Well-defined objects

Visually well defined means something with a lot of photos on the internet, like cats, dogs, or cars. When you type in a prompt with such objects, the AI will have more success finding it and providing great results.

Try: Wizard, priest, angel, emperor, necromancer, rockstar, city, queen, Zeus, house, temple, farm, car, landscape, mountain, river.

Be as specific and detailed as possible

When you are trying to create an image, the more specific and detailed you can be with your prompt, the better. Being as explicit as you can will help the AI produce a great result.

Avoid: “monkeys doing business.

Try: “three monkeys in business suits.

Famous artist to get a unique style 

Midjourney allows you to try and get unique styles for your AI art.

Examples: “Temple by James Gurney” “Father by MC Escher” 

Try: Hiroshi Yoshida, Max Ernst, Paul Signac, Salvador Dali, James Gurney, M.C. Escher, Thomas Kinkade, Ivan Aivazovsky, Italo Calvino, Norman Rockwell, Albert Bierstadt, Giorgio de Chirico, Rene Magritte, Ross Tran, Marc Simonetti.

Try invoking a particular medium

If the style is unspecified, it will lean towards photorealism, but adding mediums such as oil, watercolor, digital art or even a specific palette will help to guide the AI towards creating something more unique.

Examples: “a watercolor painting of a landscape.” “a child’s drawing of a home.”

Try: painting, drawing, sketch, pencil drawing, woodblock print, matte painting, child’s drawing, charcoal drawing, an ink drawing, oil on canvas, graffiti, watercolor painting, fresco, stone tablet, cave painting, sculpture, work on paper, needlepoint.

Speak in positives. Avoid negatives 

Language models often ignore negative words (“not” “but” “except” “without”).

Avoid: “a hat that’s not red.

Try: “a blue hat.”

Examples of Midjourney Prompts

To get some inspiration for what Midjourney can do, here are some examples of prompts that generate beautiful artworks.

Prompt #1

Spaceship about to landing, Time-Lapse, 2.5D, HDR, Cupola, Happy, Refreshing, Soft Lighting, Acorn, Ray Traced, insanely detailed and intricate, hypermaximalist, elegant, hyper realistic, super detailed,by Miyazaki Hayao and Makoto Shinkai.

Example of Midjourney Prompts #1

Prompt #2

A beautiful ultradetailed anime illustration of a city street by beeple, makoto shinkai, and thomas kinkade, anime art wallpaper 4k, trending on artstation.

Example of Midjourney Prompts #2

Prompt #3

Art deco young woman helmet, 3d render, syd mead, cinematic shot + photo taken by ARRI, photo taken by canon, photo taken by fuji, photo taken by kodak + incredibly detailed, sharpen, details + professional lighting, film lighting + 35mm + anamorphic + lightroom + cinematography + artstation. 

Example of Midjourney Prompts #3

Ways to Earn Money with AI Art

It’s no secret that AI-generated art is becoming increasingly popular across the world. But did you know that it’s also possible to make money from this growing field? The short answer is: yes! There are several methods for selling AI art and making a profit. We’ll be exploring how you can monetize your AI art and make money from it.

Selling Logos Through Online Platforms 

Selling Logos Through Online Platforms

One of the simplest ways to get started selling logos online is to use an existing platform. Popular platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and 99Designs make it easy for designers to list their logo designs and find buyers quickly. These platforms provide access to a large audience of potential customers who are ready to purchase your designs

Selling Logos Through Online Platforms

Logo design is one of the most sought-after services on online platforms. According to Fiverr, a freelance logo designer can earn between $5 and $50 per project, the amount depending on the complexity of the task, effort spent and skill level.

Create Repeating Patterns to Sell Merchandise

Another easiest way to make money with your AI art is to create repeating patterns and sell them as merchandise. By utilizing stable diffusion and midJourney, it is possible to create repeating patterns that will look amazing on any type of product.

Whether you want to make leggings, t-shirts, mugs, phone cases or anything else, having the ability to generate unique designs with repeating patterns means you can have a constantly fresh supply of merchandise that customers will love.

Create Repeating Patterns to Sell Merchandise

Additionally, by using AI art you don’t have to worry about coming up with original designs every time – once you have created the initial pattern you can repeat it infinitely across different products. 

Print-on-demand services like Redbubble offer an easy way to get your designs out there without having to invest in large inventory costs upfront. You simply upload your design and Redbubble handles all the manufacturing, shipping and customer service for you – meaning all you need to do is promote your store and collect the profits!

Create Repeating Patterns to Sell Merchandise

Furthermore, since your designs are digital they can be used in multiple places simultaneously – from selling physical items through print-on-demand services like Printful, Printify or Etsy to digital downloads of wallpapers or artwork for people’s phones or devices.

Creating An Online Store

Compared to the first two ways of monetizing your AI art, setting up an online store can be a more time-consuming but also a much more rewarding endeavor. The biggest advantage of having your own store is that you have complete control over everything – from the design to the payment processing and customer service.

Creating An Online Store
Image via ikonick

To get started, you’ll need to decide on the type of ecommerce platform that best suits your needs. Once you’ve selected a platform, such as Shopify, opencart, or WordPress, you’ll be able to customize it according to your brand’s look and feel.

Creating An Online Store
Image via pixelempire

You’ll also need to create product listings with quality photos and descriptions of your artwork so customers know exactly what they’re buying. It’s also important that your store is easy to navigate and has secure payment options in place.

To help promote the sale of artwork generated by AI, consider creating content around it through blogs or social media channels like Instagram or YouTube. With the right marketing strategy in place, you could potentially build a profitable business selling AI-generated art online!

Write and illustrate a children’s book, and sell it on Amazon KDP

If you are good at writing stories, coupling your AI art with a captivating story could be an ideal way to make money from your artwork. Writing and illustrating a children’s book is one of the best ways to get started with this.

You can use jasper AI to create content based on your AI art and then publish it through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). This platform allows you to reach a large audience of readers, without the need for an agent or publisher.

Write and illustrate a children's book, and sell it on Amazon KDP
childrens book written with jasper via Jasper Facebook Group

To maximize profits on your book, you should focus on creating an engaging story that is appropriate for the age group you are targeting. Spend time researching the demographic to find out what type of content they prefer, so that you can craft the story accordingly. Additionally, do some market research to see which titles are trending in the genre in order to better position your book.

Offer AI Art Course Or Service

Another way to make money with an AI Art Course or Service is to create high-quality content and offer it on platforms such as Thinkific, Udemy, and other marketplaces. This enables artists to charge for their services and reach a broader audience. Additionally, creating courses that focus on specific topics like concept art, character design, landscape painting, etc. can help narrow the focus and generate more sales. 

For those looking to go even further into monetizing their skills in AI art generation, offering one-on-one tutoring sessions may be a good option. Scheduling regular classes allows artists to teach clients how to best use AI tools when creating artwork and charge accordingly.

Create An NFT Collection

Sell NFTs can be quite lucrative great way to monetize your AI artwork is to create a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are essentially digital assets that are stored on the blockchain, making them unique and verifiable. By creating an NFT collection with your AI art, you can allow buyers to own a piece of your work and offer truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Create An NFT Collection

To get started, you’ll need to create digital artwork and tokenize it on the blockchain. This involves creating unique images and tying them to digital tokens that are stored on the blockchain. You can then list these tokens for sale on various platforms such as OpenSea, SuperRare, and Rarible.

If you want to make it big as an NFT artist, the trick is two-fold; create work that stands out from the crowd and build a strong marketing strategy. Get your creative juices flowing for artworks that will turn heads in no time!

Lastly, having an understanding of blockchain technology and digital asset security will also give you a competitive edge when it comes to selling NFTs online.

Wrap Up

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about making money with AI art. I hope this post has helped you to brainstorm some ideas for getting started. The opportunities are endless and with the right tools, anyone can create stunning works of art using AI. It’s a perfect time to jump in and start experimenting.

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Good luck, and happy creating!