20 Best Marketing Automation Software in 2022 Ranked

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If you are a marketer or a business owner, then you know that marketing automation software is key to success. You need to be able to automate your processes as much as possible in order to keep up with the competition.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best marketing automation software for this year.These tools will help you take your marketing campaigns to the next level and achieve amazing results. So read on to find out more!

Do you want the quick answer?

My top three marketing automation tools are ActiveCampaign, Campaigner, and Constant Contact. This way, you can decide which one works best for you.

Best Marketing Automation Software

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the use of software and technology to automate marketing tasks and processes, including customer segmentation, lead generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and closed-loop reporting

By automating these tasks, businesses can free up time and resources to focus on more strategic marketing initiatives. 

In addition, marketing automation can help businesses to improve their customer relationships by providing a more personalized and relevant experience. 

As a result, marketing automation is an essential tool for businesses that want to scale their marketing operations and drive better results.

What is best marketing automation software?

Marketing automation software is a tool that helps businesses automate marketing tasks and workflows. There are a number of different features that are important to consider when choosing marketing automation software, including:

The ability to create and manage marketing campaigns

The best marketing automation tools will make it easy to create and manage marketing campaigns. It should offer campaign templates, as well as tools for managing lists, segmenting contacts, and tracking results.

The ability to automate marketing tasks

The best marketing automation software will allow businesses to automate a wide range of marketing tasks, including email marketing, social media marketing, and lead generation. This can save businesses a significant amount of time and effort.

The ability to integrate with other business systems

Marketing automation software should be able to integrate with other business systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software and accounting software. This will allow businesses to get the most out of their investment by using the data from these other systems to inform their marketing decisions.

A robust reporting and analytics capability

The best marketing automation platform will offer powerful reporting and analytics features. This will allow businesses to track the results of their marketing campaigns and make necessary adjustments.

When choosing marketing automation software, it is important to consider all of these features. By doing so, businesses will be able to select the software that best meets their needs and makes it easier for them to carry out effective marketing campaigns.

Picking a marketing automation platform: things to think about

When choosing marketing automation software, it is important to consider ease of use, the number of robust features available, scalability, affordability, and support. By doing so, businesses will be able to select the software that best meets their needs and makes it easier for them to carry out effective marketing campaigns.

Ease of use

The software should be easy to use and intuitive, with a user-friendly interface. If it is not, it will likely end up being underutilized or even ignored altogether.

Robust features

The software should offer a wide range of features to support your marketing efforts, including email marketing, social media management, and lead generation.More isn’t always better – in fact, an overly complex software can be difficult to use and may actually hamper your marketing efforts. Make sure the software you select offers the features and functions you really need.


The software should be scalable so that it can grow with your business. The software should integrate with your other business systems, such as your CRM software. This will allow you to make the most of your investment by using data from these other systems to inform your marketing decisions.


The software should be affordable, with a pricing structure that is based on the number of users or the size of your database. This will ensure that the software is accessible to businesses of all sizes.


The vendor should offer excellent support, with a team that is responsive and knowledgeable. The software should also be regularly updated to ensure that it remains compatible with the latest technology.

By considering these key features, you can choose marketing automation software that will support your business now and into the future.

These are the best marketing automation software platforms you should try this year:

1. Campaigner

Best Marketing Automation Software for Email Marketing

Campaigner Home Page

Marketing automation software can be a life-saver for busy marketing professionals. When you’re trying to juggle a million different tasks, it’s nice to have a tool that can help you automate some of the more time-consuming ones. Campaigner is one such tool.

Campaigner offers a wide range of features that can help you automate your email marketing. You can use it to create dynamic content, test different versions of your email messages, create landing pages, and track the success of your campaigns. You can also use it to manage your email lists and create drip sequences.

Campaigner’s reporting features are also top-notch. You can generate standard reports or create custom reports to suit your needs. You can also track the success of your campaigns in real-time, so you can make changes as needed.

Overall, Campaigner is an excellent marketing automation tool that can save you time and help you achieve better results with your email marketing campaigns.

Top Features

Campaigner Top Features

  • WYSIWYG email editor that makes it easy to create beautiful emails
  • Dynamic content feature allows you to personalize your emails with data that changes based on the recipient
  • Ability to test dynamic content helps you ensure that your emails look great no matter who receives them
  • Landing pages make it easy to drive conversions by allowing you to create custom landing pages without having to know coding or HTML
  • A/B testing allows you to test different versions of your email to see which one performs better
  • Mobile optimization ensures that your emails will look great on any device
  • Email deliverability reporting tells you how likely it is that your email will reach the recipient’s inbox
  • List management makes it easy to manage large lists of contacts
  • Triggered drip sequences allow you to create automated email campaigns


The price of Campaigner varies, depending on the features you want. If you’re only interested in email content, there are four plans to choose from: Starter, Essential, Advanced and Ecommerce. The monthly price for these options range from $59 to $649.

On the other hand, if you also want SMS capabilities in addition to email content, there are three bundles available: Starter , Essential , or Advanced Email and SMS.

Campaigner Pricing

Email plans

Starter: $59/ mo

Essential: $179/ mo

Advanced: $649/ mo

Ecommerce: $79.95/ mo

Campaigner Pricing

Email & SMS

Starter: $104/ mo

Essential: $224/ mo

Advanced: $694/ mo

Ecommerce: $79.95/ mo

2. ActiveCampaign

Best Marketing Automation Software Overall

ActiveCampaign Home Page

ActiveCampaign is a comprehensive email marketing and automation software that also includes a sales CRM. It offers powerful features such as the ability to create automated campaigns, close sales with its Deals feature, and get more leads with its Landing page builder.

With powerful automation features and an in-house contact database, ActiveCampaign has everything you need to take your marketing efforts to new heights.

There’s a bit of a learning curve involved, but it’s well worth the effort to get to grips with this top-of-the-line software. You won’t be disappointed!

ActiveCampaign is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

Top Features

ActiveCampaign Top Features

  • Email marketing software with professional-looking templates and a drag and drop builder
  • Easy to put together automated campaigns
  • Marketing automation builder is easy to use and truly make your own
  • Sales CRM called Deals to automate sales follow up and remove much of the manual work in closing deals and sales
  • Convert traffic into signups and customers with the ActiveCampaign Landing page builder


ActiveCampaign Pricing

ActiveCampaign offers four plans: Lite, Plus, Professional and Enterprise. The entry-level plan; ideal for small businesses just getting started; already come with features like a template editor and marketing automation. And as you move up to the higher plans, even more capabilities are added such as a CRM and lead scoring. Best of all? There is no setup fee!

Lite: $37/mo

Plus: $63/mo

Professional: $193/mo

Enterprise: Custom Pricing

3. Constant Contact

Best marketing automation tool for Small Business

Constant Contact Home Page

Constant Contact is a company that provides software to help small businesses with their digital marketing. This can include things like driving sales, growing a customer base, and engaging an audience. Constant Contact aims to provide tools that make it easy for users to connect with their customers and generate results.

Constant Contact is best for businesses that want an easy-to-use platform with a wide range of features. It offers several different plans, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Top Features

Constant Contact Top Features

  • A/B testing allows you to test different versions of your email to see which one performs better
  • Email templates make it easy to create beautiful emails
  • List segmentation helps you send targeted emails to specific groups of people
  • Triggered drip sequences allow you to create automated email campaigns
  • Reporting and analytics help you track the success of your campaigns


Constant Contact Pricing

The Core plan starts at $9.99/month for 500 contacts, The Plus plan starts at $45/month for up to 500 subscribers, with the price scaling upward alongside the number of additional contacts you need.

If you live in the United States, Constant Contact allows you to try it out for free for 60 days without requiring a credit card. You may get a free month if you provide your payment information ahead of time in other countries. There is no such thing as an endlessly free plan, so make sure you understand the cost structure before investing your time into this platform. Continue reading to see whether it’s appropriate for you!

4. HubSpot

HubSpot Home Page

HubSpot is one of the leading marketing automation software platforms on the market. It offers everything you need to manage your marketing, sales, and customer engagement all in one place. With HubSpot, you can easily create dynamic content, send targeted emails, and track your results so you can constantly improve your campaigns. Plus, HubSpot’s customer service is top-notch, so you can always rely on them for help when you need it. If you’re looking for an all-in-one marketing automation solution, HubSpot is definitely worth considering.

Top Features

HubSpot Top Features

  • Inbound marketing tools: blog, landing pages, social media, videos
  • Lead management: better understanding of leads, closing sales more quickly
  • Customer service: easy customer service, turning customers into promoters
  • Content platform: empowering marketers to create, manage, and measure content


HubSpot Pricing

Started starts with 1,000 contacts, Professional starts with 2,000 contacts, Enterprise starts with 10,000 contacts.

Started plan: $63/mo 

Professional plan: $1120/mo 

Enterprise plan: $4480mo

5. Sendinblue

Sendinblue Home Page

SendinBlue is an email marketing solution that businesses of all sizes can use to send and automate email marketing campaigns, even on a limited budget. It includes a free version and free trial, as well as more features than MailChimp, making it a great alternative for small and medium-sized businesses.

Some of the most important features of SendinBlue include its drag-and-drop email editor, A/B testing, SMS messaging, landing pages, bounce management, reports and analytics, opt-in forms, list management, email segmentation, email marketing automation, transactional emails, and email templates.

Top Features

Sendinblue Top Features

  • Drag and Drop Email Editor
  • A/B testing
  • SMS
  • Landing pages
  • Bounce Management
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Opt-In Forms
  • List Management
  • Email segmentation
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Transactional Emails
  • Email Templates
  • Chat
  • CRM


Sendinblue Pricing

Sendinblue has a few different payment plans – the Free plan includes 300 emails/day, the Lite plan starts at $29 for up to 20k emails/month (with a few limitations), and finally, the all-access Premium plan starts at $74.79/month for 1M emails/ month.

Free plan

Lite plan: $29/mo

Premium plan: $74.79/mo

Enterprise plan: Custom Pricing

6. Moosend

Moosend Home Page

Moosend is a marketing automation tool that offers drag-and-drop email editors, A/B testing, SMS messaging, landing pages, bounce management, reports and analytics, opt-in forms, list management, email segmentation, email marketing automation, transactional emails, and email templates. It is a great tool for small businesses who want to successfully execute their marketing campaigns.

Top Features

Moosend Top Features

  • Drag and drop email editor
  • A/B testing
  • Marketing automation
  • SMS messaging
  • Landing pages
  • Opt-in forms
  • List management
  • Email segmentation
  • Email marketing automation
  • Transactional emails
  • Email templates


Moosend Pricing

Moosend pricing starts at $9 per month that includes up to 500 subscribers. Moosend offers a free plan and an enterprise plan with custom pricing.

7. GetResponse

GetResponse Home Page

GetResponse is a good marketing automation platform for small to midsize businesses. It has a good price tag and a good-size list of enticing third-party integrations. Additionally, there is a new and sharp focus on integrating with third-party e-commerce platforms.

Top Features

GetResponse Top Features

GetResponse offers a wide range of features, including: 

  • Email marketing 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Web push notifications 
  • Email chat 
  • Automation workflows 
  • SMS text marketing 
  • Integration with third-party ecommerce platforms


GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse’s pricing starts at $19/month for up to 1,000 subscribers (Email Marketing Plan). All plans include unlimited emails and autoresponders.

8. Omnisend

Omnisend Home Page

Omnisend is one of the best ecommerce marketing automation tools on the market. It was created by ecommerce entrepreneurs, for ecommerce entrepreneurs. We know the challenges you face and have designed our platform to help you overcome them.

With Omnisend, you can add several channels to the same automation workflow for seamless communication via email, SMS, web push notifications, and more.

Omnisend offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop visual composer for emails and email capture features (popups, landing pages) to build your customer base. Automation features help create robust automation workflows and personalize your message based on customer data, campaign engagement and shopping behavior.

Omnisend offers integration with the majority of ecommerce platforms and other marketing tools. Services are offered on a monthly subscription basis, and include support via email, live chat and an online knowledgebase. 

Top Features

Omnisend Top Features

  • Drag-and-drop visual composer for emails
  • Email capture features (popups, landing pages)
  • Automation features
  • Integration with the majority of ecommerce platforms and other marketing tools
  • Services offered on a monthly subscription basis
  • Support via email, live chat, and an online knowledgebase


Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend has three price options: free, standard, and pro. You can get started with their free plan and their paid plans start at $16/month.

9. Mailchimp

Mailchimp Home Page

Mailchimp is the world’s leading web-based marketing automation service. With millions of users worldwide, Mailchimp allows you to easily share newsletters on various social networks and track customer engagements.

It also provides powerful tools to create targeted emails, run Facebook ad campaigns, automate follow-ups and monitor campaign progress. You can even collect and analyze your email responses with Mailchimp’s built-in analytics and reporting functionality.

And because it has a drag & drop interface, you can easily design and share attractive email campaigns from any location.

So if you’re looking for the most comprehensive marketing solution available, look no further than Mailchimp – the world’s leading marketing automation service.

Top Features

Mailchimp Top Features

  • A wide variety of features, including designing email newsletters, automated follow-ups, and Facebook ad campaigns 
  • Graphical representations of data and customer interactions that are easy to understand 
  • The ability to collect and analyze email responses


Mailchimp Pricing

MailChimp offers the Free plan for up to 2,000 contacts and 10,000 emails per month and their paid plans start at $11/month.

10. Pardot

Best marketing automation tool for B2B Marketing

Pardot Home Page

If you’re looking for a powerful marketing automation tool that can help take your business to the next level, then you need to check out Pardot from Salesforce. With Pardot, you’ll be able to more effectively target and engage your prospects, and deliver more personalized and relevant messages that will lead to more conversions.

Pardot is a comprehensive B2B marketing automation solution that includes everything you need to generate more leads, close more sales, and improve your marketing ROI.

Top Features

Pardot Top Features

  • Automate your lead generation processes with responsive forms and landing pages
  • Nurture your leads with dynamic and customizable email drip campaigns
  • Score and grade your leads so you can focus your efforts on the hottest prospects
  • Analyze your marketing performance with built-in reporting tools


Pardot Pricing

Growth costs $1,250 per month, Plus costs $2,500 per month, Advanced costs $4,000 per month, and Premium costs $15,000 per month. Each plan is charged annually.

11. Act-On

Act-On Home Page

Act-On is a powerful marketing automation tool that offers a complete suite of applications to help businesses grow their online presence and reach their target audiences. With Act-On, businesses can easily create and manage their email marketing campaigns, track website visitors, leads, and social media activity, and generate detailed reports and analytics.

Additionally, Act-On integrates with webinar and event planning tools to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

Top Features

Act-On Top Features

  • Reach more customers with automated marketing tools
  • Connect with leads and track their activity in real time
  • Generate detailed reports and analytics to measure campaign success
  • Integrate with other business tools for a comprehensive solution


Act-On Pricing

Act-On has two pricing options: Professional, starting at $900/month and Enterprise, custom pricing.

12. Drip

Drip Home Page

Drip is the world’s first marketing automation platform that is purpose-built for marketeers and small businesses. From start to finish, Drip empowers marketeers to build relationships with their customers and grow their business. 

With Drip, marketeers can easily create beautiful email campaigns that are automatically personalized for each recipient. Drip’s powerful marketing automation tools let marketeers segment their audience, set up intelligent workflows, and track engagement so they can easily see what’s working and what isn’t. 

And because Drip is built for marketeers, it integrates seamlessly with all of the other tools marketeers use to run their business, like Salesforce, Google Analytics, Shopify, and more. 

So if you’re a marketeer who’s looking for a better way to build relationships with your customers and grow your business, then you need Drip.

Top Features

Drip Top Features

  • Generate new leads through strategically placed forms
  • Send automated promotional content and messages at the right time
  • Retain customers by following up with them after they abandon their shopping carts
  • Use email marketing software that is designed specifically for ecommerce


Drip Pricing

They offer a 14-day free trial after which you can choose a paid plan start at $39 /month for up to 2,500 contacts

13. Marketo

Marketo Home Page

Marketo is the best-in-class marketing automation platform that helps companies scale their marketing efforts. With Marketo Engage, organizations can easily create and manage marketing programs that are highly personalized and deliver great results.

Marketo Engage is easy to use, and it provides users with all the tools they need to create and manage their marketing programs.

Marketo Engage is such a fantastic platform because it helps companies achieve their marketing goals while also providing them with the tools they need to scale their efforts. Thanks to Marketo Engage, scaling your marketing efforts will be a breeze!

Top Features

Marketo Top Features

  • Marketo can automate all of your marketing tasks, saving you time and energy. 
  • You can use Marketo to create personalized content for each of your customers, increasing conversions. 
  • With the ability to A/B test and track results, you can fine-tune your marketing approach for maximum success. 
  • The platform is scalable, so it will grow with your business!


Marketo Pricing

Marketo offers a customer pricing plan that is based on the size of their database.

14. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns Home Page

Zoho Campaigns is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your target audience and get them interested in what you have to offer. And with Zoho Campaigns, you can do just that!

Zoho Campaigns is a platform built specifically for email marketing, so you can be sure that your messages will always get delivered to the right people.

With Zoho Campaigns, you can easily import and manage your leads and contacts, and send out marketing emails that are bound to grab attention.

Plus, with our advanced tracking and reporting features, you can see how your campaigns are performing and make necessary adjustments on the fly.

Top Features

Zoho Campaigns Top Features

  • Send targeted marketing emails to your customers and leads with ease. 
  • Automatically grow your email list with sign-up forms and powerful integrations. 
  • Segment your email list and send highly relevant content to the right people. 
  • Analyze your email marketing performance in detail, and improve conversions


Zoho Campaigns Pricing

Zoho Campaigns offers the Free plan 6,000 emails/month to 2,000 contacts and their paid plans start at $5/month.

15. Mailerlite

Mailerlite Home Page

Are you looking for an email marketing solution that will help you grow your audience and build stronger relationships? Mailerlite is the perfect marketing automation tool for creating email marketing that your audience will love.  Our platform makes it easy to create beautiful, engaging emails that will reach your subscribers at exactly the right time.

With MailerLite, you can design your emails yourself using our drag-and-drop editor, or take advantage of our powerful automation tool to send perfectly timed and targeted emails automatically.

Top Features

Mailerlite Top Features

  • Reach more people with automated, perfectly timed email campaigns
  • Easily create beautiful, responsive emails without design experience
  • Send targeted messages based on subscriber behavior and preferences
  • Keep growing your audience with powerful automation tools


Mailerlite Pricing

Mailerlite offers the Free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers and their paid plans start at $10/month.

16. Autopilot

Autopilot Home Page

If you’re looking for a powerful, yet easy-to-use marketing automation platform, Autopilot is the perfect solution. With over 100 pre-built integrations and a drag-and-drop interface, Autopilot makes it simple to automate all your marketing tasks – from email campaigns to social media postings and more. Plus, there’s no need to write any code!

With Autopilot, you can easily segment your leads, send personalized emails and track your results in real-time. And because it’s a cloud-based platform, you can access your account from anywhere, at any time.

Whether you’re a small business just starting out with marketing automation or a larger company looking for an easier way to get the job done, Autopilot is the perfect solution.

Top Features

Autopilot Top Features

  • With Autopilot, businesses can create once and send to many channels (such as email, Facebook, and Twitter), ensuring a consistent message is sent out to their customers.
  • Autopilot also integrates with other platforms (such as Salesforce) making it easy for businesses to keep track of all their customer data in one place. 
  • Autopilot is so user friendly, even those without a technical background can use it!


Autopilot Pricing

Autopilot offers four plans and start at $29/month.

17. Ontraport

Ontraport Home Page

Ontraport is the CRM and automation platform for you. With everything you need for selling, marketing, and managing your business online — all in one app — Ontraport is perfect for businesses that are ready to scale.

Plus,Ontraport gives you all the insights you need to make informed decisions about your business with our real-time reporting and analytics.

Top Features

Ontraport Top Features

  • Grow your business with the all-in-one CRM and automation platform
  • Eliminate the need for multiple tools to run your business
  • Get everything you need to sell, market and manage online in one place
  • Scale your business with powerful marketing and sales automation


Ontraport Pricing

Ontraport offers four plans and start at $29/month.

18. Acoustic

Acoustic Home Page

When it comes to online marketing and campaign management, there is no tool quite as effective as Acoustic. With Acoustic, you can easily segment your customers and create targeted campaigns that will reach them across multiple channels. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness or boost sales, Acoustic is the perfect tool for you. And because it’s so easy to use, you’ll be up and running in no time!

Top Features

Acoustic Top Features

  • Acoustic Campaign allows you to quickly and easily create, send, and track email marketing and online campaigns.
  • You can also use it to create powerful customer segmentations, which will allow you to target your customers more effectively.
  • With Acoustic Campaign, you can also manage all of your company’s communications with a single tool, making sure that all aspects of your marketing are tightly coordinated.
  • “Out of the box” features make campaign creation and management easy for everyone involved.


Acoustic Campaign offers a custom price for its solution.

19. SharpSpring

SharpSpring Home Page

If you’re looking for a revenue growth marketing platform that can help your small business generate leads, improve conversions to sales, and drive higher returns on marketing investment, SharpSpring is the perfect solution.

SharpSpring is a powerful yet easy-to-use platform that gives you all the tools you need to take your marketing efforts to the next level. With SharpSpring, you can create targeted campaigns, track your results in real time, and adjust your strategy on the fly to maximize your results.

Plus, with Constant Contact by your side, you have access to the world’s leading experts in small business marketing. So whether you’re just getting started or you’re ready to take your business to the next level, SharpSpring is the perfect partner.

Top Features

SharpSpring Top Features

  • Increase leads and conversions with powerful marketing automation
  • Get more out of your marketing investment with sophisticated ROI tracking
  • Automate your email marketing for better performance and scalability
  • Improve customer retention and drive more sales with smart drip campaigns


SharpSpring Pricing

Pricing for this service starts at $449 per month, and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

20. Salesforce

Salesforce Home Page

Salesforce is a great tool for email marketing and marketing automation. It is easy to use and carry out marketing campaigns and manage leads based on their activities. Great for providing personalisation to the visitors and prospects. Furthermore, offers great customer services.

Top Features

  • Salesforce is easy to use and helps carry out marketing campaigns quickly and effectively.
  • Personalisation is key with Salesforce, as it allows you to target specific individuals and groups with relevant information.
  • Excellent customer service for those who need help getting started or need support along the way.
  • Continual development of features and tools make Salesforce one of the most dynamic email marketing software providers on the market today


Salesforce Pricing

Growth plan: $1250/mo 

Plus plan: $2500/mo 

Advanced: $4000/mo  

Premium: $15000/mo 


ActiveCampaign is my top recommendation for Marketing Automation Software that is extremely easy to use and has robust features. It can easily be scaled up or down depending on your needs and it is very affordable. Plus, you get excellent support from the ActiveCampaign team.

There are many different types of marketing automation tools available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular options:

  • ActiveCampaign – Best Marketing Automation Tool Overall
  • Constant Contact – Best for Small Business
  • Campaigner – Best for Email Marketing
  • Pardot – Best for B2B Marketing

Marketing Automation Software FAQs

What are marketing automation programs?

Marketing automation programs are tools that help businesses automate their marketing and sales processes. By using these tools, businesses can more effectively target and communicate with their customers and prospects, resulting in increased leads and sales.

Marketing automation program is just one form of marketing automation. Marketing automation also includes other tools, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, lead management software, and web analytics tools, etc.

What are the benefits of using marketing automation tools?

Marketing automation software provides a number of benefits for businesses.

Marketing automation software streamlines and automates your marketing tasks and processes, making your marketing more effective. It can help to automate tasks that would otherwise need to be completed manually. This can free up time for marketers to focus on other aspects of their work.

Additionally, these programs can also help businesses improve their customer relationships by providing them with more relevant and targeted content.

By subscribing to a marketing automation solution, you can see an improvement in your campaign performance as well as an increase in overall efficiency.

Is CRM a marketing automation tool?

CRM, or customer relationship management, is a type of marketing automation software that helps businesses manage their customer relationships. CRM programs can help businesses track and manage customer data, automate customer communication, and more.

What is automation in CRM?

In CRM, automation refers to the process of using software to automate repetitive tasks such as email marketing, lead generation, and social media posting. By automating these tasks, businesses can save time and money while also improving their customer relationships.